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The purpose of this resource is to cultivate awareness, healing, and wisdom from the hardships of life. The Culturally Informed Trauma Workbook: Module 01 | Your Past is an ideal practitioner's resource, and for people who are engaged in ongoing therapy. The material includes text, videos, reflective exercises, personal logs, and quizzes that are interactive and accessible.

This Workbook is also designed to provide support long after therapy is finished. Many of the activities can be revisited repeatedly and still be beneficial.

For individuals: I invite you along this journey of knowledge, self-discovery, and self-actualization with grace and respect for yourself and others in your life. It contains theory and exercises for you to work through to gain deeper self-awareness in order to develop perspective and skills towards posttraumatic growth.

For practitioners: A handy psychoeducation resource, this Workbook provides a practical and scientifically-informed guide that acknowledges the influence of culture and beliefs in the role of trauma healing and growth. It encourages accountability through self-paced learning and guided exploration which can be unpacked in therapeutic settings. Appendix includes a feelings list & a 

The Culturally Informed Trauma Workbook Series:

This Workbook series is structured according to your life’s timeline. 

Module 01: Your Past, helps you develop greater insight and appreciation about your past and how that has shaped you to be who you are today.

Module 02: Your Present, has been designed to follow directly after Module 01 directly confronts and tackle some of your current traumatic responses, along with skills to cope.

Module 03: Your Future, is developed to shape a psychologically healthier and happier version of you. It encompasses integrating the healing and practices for you to sustain your wellbeing according to your authentic values.

The Culturally Informed Trauma Workbook


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