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Money Money Money, It's so Funny, In a Rich Man's World...

I found a post on LinkedIn by Matt Shewbridge, a job coach. I would like to complement this post with a mental health perspective. He said:

"As the job market picks up again, many people are realising that this is their chance for a fresh start. I have a few clients who are just more open to the different possibilities out there, and I love it; it’s exciting and fun. It’s like shopping, except THEY pay YOU.

And then the negativity sets in. It happens all the time when you and my other clients look at job ads.

1. ‘I don’t have that qualification.’

2. ‘I’ve never done that before.’

3. ‘I don’t even know what that means!’

Here’s some realistic, strategic thinking that will help you overcome these thoughts — thoughts you’re using to hold yourself back.

1. OK, that’s a hurdle, not an insurmountable barrier. You might not have the qualification but can you do the task? If the answer is yes, you need to craft your LinkedIn profile, CVs and cover letters to demonstrate that. It’s totally doable. It also gives you an amazing answer for the interview question ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’

2. Have you really never done that or anything like it? Think carefully; you probably have done something similar enough that learning the difference would take a fortnight at most.

3. Don’t worry about it. Job adverts are often meaningless word salad; you should be more worried if you do understand them all."

I say:

This is the time for a fresh start, even if it's hard to see and the pressures of diminishing finances are evident, causing panic to rise so that you push yourself as hard as you can to land the next secure job.

  • Take this pandemic-ridden opportunity to step back for a moment.

  • Think a little deeply about your career choices.

  • If you have ongoing welfare payments, despite how minimal, use this time to reflect on your current skills, where you are and where you aim to be.

  • Make a decision that is ATTUNED to your core values, your beliefs, your joys, and towards you dreams.

  • Don't be overwhelmed by daunting ads with jargon. You can't allow jargon on an ad to demoralize you towards your desired career path. You shouldn't!

  • Try to remove that self-doubt.

  • Listen to your intuition.

  • Try to take a step out of the rat race, and set your own pace.

  • If you can. If you want to.

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