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School of Life: Pessimism, Romanticism, and Keeping Calm?

I stumbled upon this interview with philosopher with Alain de Botton from a friend's Facebook post and I thought about how it resonates greatly with our modern lives.

When I did some research about de Botton, I learnt that his work does indeed discuss contemporary issues and tying them in with daily philosophical relevance. It's almost like religion, but he explicitly and consciously understands AND applies great philosophies to daily life. Here, de Botton speaks of Finding the Calm in various situations in life, as well as addressing the global pandemic.

It is only 37 mins long, but I recommend listening to it whilst not being engaged with anything else on the computer or phone- my friend and myself have found listening to it whilst cooking to be particularly helpful as it does require some concentration in order to reap the benefits of the take away messages.


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