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The Negative Feedback Loop

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

They are constant, these COVID-19 updates. Unwavering they are. They come from the media. They come from social media. They come from our friends. They come from our family. They come from our colleagues. They just- keep- coming.

But they keep us informed, don't they? Information is good, isn't it? We need to know as much as possible, don't we? The more we know the better, isn't it? Then we can to ensure our safety, can't we? Then we will be able to look after our family, won't we?

All very true.

But consider this too:

Information does not translate to knowledge.

Particularly around a new unknown subject which has shown to have influences on destabilizing the fabric of our economy. As a society, we learn new things about COVID-19 and it's effects around the clock. There is a surge of online activity, and interest because of it.

And accompanying that interest, is also a restless fear. It is absolutely understandable that we should be as informed as possible- but the nature of a global pandemic is such that we WILL constantly get information, whether we seek it or not.

Before we know it, A Negative Feedback Loop is formed.

And it builds.

And it grows.

This happens from the moment we wake up, to the moment we shut our eyes. And when the other negative impacts of COVID-19 begin to directly affect our daily lives. We lose job security, we can't leave home, we can't travel, our friends and family fall ill...the list goes on.

The negative feedback loops gets reinforced further.

Manage your Negative Feedback Loop; Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

So let's try to manage the negative feedback loop as best we can.

  • Let's try to quarantine our mind for a few hours a day from the COVID-19 information feed.

  • We can still manage when and how we receive information.

  • We can plan when to catch up on updates during the day.

  • We can change settings on our social media platforms so it 'pings' less often.

  • We can decide Not to check our email in that hour and mindfully enjoy a cup of coffee instead.

  • We can decide Not to forward that COVID-19 meme to Bob from work just yet, and rub our pug's belly instead.

Given that many of us have begun working from home, we can also take this opportunity to connect with friends and family about our concerns.

When feeling particularly distressed, or when facing yet another unwelcomed effect of COVID-19, speak to that person whom you know Will give you the time of the day to hear you.

This is a global pandemic, and no one has to face its consequences alone. Thanks to technology, the physical aspect of self-isolation does not equate to social isolation.

And should you feel like you need to connect with a counsellor, I encourage you to get in touch with Road to Recovery. I too am here, working from home, but available to give you the support you need at absolutely NO cost. I am here, and available to hear you and your concerns during these challenging times.

Manage your Negative Feedback Loop; Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

To sum up, my key take-away messages for this weekend are:

Manage your Negative Feedback Loop;


Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

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