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Tis' the time to be Benevolent, Tra-la-la-la-laaaa.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Benevolence means simply to have good intentions towards yourself and other living beings.

It is all about compassion, love, kindness, friendliness, and altruism.

All through the history of humanity, benevolence has been taught, and regarded as one of the most noble human attributes.

But why?

On an individual level: Because benevolence keeps us away from harm, get us closer to our goals, and have meaningful relationships with others. When these three things are engaged and being fulfilled, our brain is able to respond clearly, actively, and creatively. This is because acts of benevolence tells our brain that we are happy, and at peace. Feel good chemicals are flowing when we experience meaning in life.

On a social level: Because benevolence punishes the wrongdoers, teaches the young and, and rewards our contributions. Benevolence feeds the poor, saves the sacred (nature), houses the homeless, and treats the ill.

In times like these, practicing benevolence will not only be rewarding to your mental and emotional health, but also your community, and your nation.

We are all born with the natural ability to be benevolent, so let's tap into it now. Let's see how we can offer a little bit of ourselves to the world, through whatever creative ways we can think of.

Practice Benevolence- towards Yourself, and Others.

But first, self-care is key. Only when you do not feel anxious or under threat, can your brain feel at ease, and be in the space to respond with benevolence.


When that is in place, set a moment in your day to decide two things:

1) Self: What can I do today that can be benevolent? Are there any harmful thoughts or words or acts I can restrain?

2) Others: How can I express love, kindness and compassion? Can I be more tolerant? More patient? Can I reach out to someone? Is there anything I can offer- words or otherwise?

And remember, Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

And remember, should you feel like you need to connect with a counsellor, I encourage you to get in touch with Road to Recovery. I too am here, practicing benevolence to support you and the ones you care about, at absolutely NO cost. I am here, and available to hear you and your concerns during these challenging times.

Practice Benevolence- towards Yourself, and Others. And remember, Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

So, to sum up, my key take-away message for today is:

Practice Benevolence- towards Yourself, and Others.

And remember, Self-isolation does not mean Social Isolation.

Till next time, keep well!

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