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Your Therapist is Your Cheerleader

NOT in the way that strokes your ego, but in the way that he/she is silently cheering you on towards your goals.

In a way that also experiences your stuckness, through your trials and tribulations.

In a way that ask experiences your triumphs, your wins.

A therapeutic relationship is a deeply respectful and meaningful journey that two people embark upon towards your aspirations, so knowing your struggles so intimately, and the efforts you put in against all odds, how can your therapist possibly NOT be cheering you on?

I personally get the greatest joys from my clients’ wins. I have even expressed tears of joy upon hearing positive shifts in my clients.

I almost feel like I had a glimpse of their suffering, whatever that they share with me, and imagine how long they had had to struggle, their strength to tolerate certain circumstances... and then one day, there’s a little breakthrough, and I vicariously enjoy that moment with them.

That is because between sessions, your therapist actually does think about you. Your therapist actually reflects upon the interaction you have together, what worked, what didn’t, what intervention might work for future steps.

My clients definitely comes to mind when certain discussions and issues come up in day to day life. I also reflect on the journey, how the sessions have evolved over time.

And I look forward towards meeting my clients again, to share with them my ideas towards their growth and progress. The therapist’s work with you doesn’t necessarily ‘end’ after that session. And when we do get stuck, and don’t know how else to move forward, or am unsure about how we are navigating things, we consult our supervisor. Therapists need this extra input to enable them to learn and grow and recognise their blind spots- to be able to help their clients better.

And although it may not sound like the perfect metaphor, I really do feel like I cheer my clients on towards their success.
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