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Amirah Shah ~ Counsellor

A Warm Welcome to 

Road to Recovery

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  


- Carl Jung

My name is Amirah Shah, and I invite you to my counselling practice. Often the demands of day-to-day life pose challenges that disrupt the balance of our body, mind, and spirit. 


The Enso Circle symbolises the imbalances and imperfections within the self, whilst recognising the impossibility of attaining perfection. Appreciating the beauty in this requires the art of letting go through recognising the circle of life, and the importance of connection within the self, as well as others. This pursuit is one of continuity, and one can only hope to strive for growth with strength and elegance.


By setting aside expectations, and working towards restoring your balance, together, we can explore your body, your mind, and your spirit. 


Your body is a resource to your past and your current trials and your tribulations, and your emotions. 
Your mind is an archive of emotions and associated memories, as well as a ticket towards resolution. 
Your significant relationships play key roles in shaping who you are today. Your spirituality is the undercurrent motivation for you to strive towards a meaningful existence.


Growth and resolution are best attained holistically, and I hope to be able to create a

safe environment with you.


30 minutes • Free

Online or In-Person


60 minutes • $180/ session

For sessions 7-9am, 6-8pm

60 minutes • $195 session

Online or In-Person


90 minutes • $220/ session

For sessions 7-9am, 6-8pm

90 minutes • $235 session

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma sensitive approach incorporating Yin Yoga into the session.

90 minutes • $220

Customized approach for clients/ participants' needs

60 minutes • $NDIS rates

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